The disappointment of the Emir of #Qatar ... What happens in #Senegal does not stays in Senegal

From Cairo, Mohamed Ikram

The Emir of Qatar ended his African tour, without any results that would ease the isolation of his country, and failed once again to win Senegal to the Qatari ranks in the Gulf crisis.



Dakar actu reported that the Emir of Qatar had returned with disappointment from Senegal, one of the stations of his African tour.




The report revealed that Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, who was aiming through this tour, especially from his visit to Senegal to mobilize the African support for Doha in light of the Gulf crisis and the search for economic partners to alleviate the isolation of his country because of its boycott by its neighbors, left the Senegalese capital Dakar with unexpected speed.



The report notes that the Senegalese President Macki Sal, who refuses to align with Qatar in the crisis with his neighbors because of his strong relations with Saudi Arabia, has prompted Sheikh Tamim to shorten his visit to Senegal for one day.




 The report revealed that the visit of the Emir of Qatar, was scheduled to last 72 hours, but its duration was reduced to 48 hours, then to 24 hours only.



 The report added that the absence of a dinner for the Emir of Qatar in Dakar and the absence of field trips during this visit, in addition to the failure to hold a press conference between Sheikh Tamim and the Senegalese president confirms that the Senegalese-Qatari relations are not at their best.



 The report also pointed out that Sheikh Tamim's attempts to achieve diplomatic and economic victory in Dakar, in light of the continued impact of his country on the Gulf crisis, failed as only three memorandums of understanding between the two countries were signed in the field of culture, youth and sports during this visit. The Emir of Qatar had hoped to sign agreements with his Senegalese counterpart in larger sectors such as energy, health, employment, transport and education.

 The report attributes the Senegalese position, to the strong relations that the Senegalese president has with King Salman.



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