Saudi Arabia gives the go-ahead to buy 3 French patrol boats that were dedicated to Lebanon

From Paris - Fadwa El shaibani

Saudi Arabia gave the go-ahead to buy three FS56 patrol boats manufactured by the shipyard of Cherbourg in France.



The French newspaper “La Tribune” reported in this context a report means that the value of the deal amounted to 250 million euros.

At the end of 2015, Saudi Arabia and France signed a contract to purchase three FS56 patrol boats.


According to several well-informed sources, Saudi Arabia has given the go-ahead to buy boats manufactured in the shipyard of Cherbourg, of the Normandy mechanical construction company.



According to the report, thanks to the rocket launching system, these patrol boats can be armed with the SIMBAD-RC system, a short-range system.



Saudi Arabia initially agreed that the three boats would be manufactured for the Lebanese Navy under the tripartite " DONAS " contract signed in 2014 between Saudi Arabia and ODAS, on behalf of Lebanon.



And because of its dispute with Beirut, the kingdom turned the agreement in favor of the Saudi navy.

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