Macron sided with Saudi Arabia and Arabs against Iran  

From Paris - Fadwa El shaibani

Since the rise of French President Emmanuel Macaron to power, he has shown signs of a clear rapprochement with the Arab countries against Iran, which has now become the cornerstone of his foreign policy.



the website of the Gatestone Institute for International Policy cited a report translated by the RiyadhPost newspaper "The Macaron policy in the Middle East has become clear, especially after announcing supporting Saudi Arabia against Iran and its explicit condemnation of the Iranian-backed Houthis firing ballistic missiles towards the kingdom,"

This came after a telephone conversation conducted by Macron with King Salman confirmed his support to the Kingdom against Iran's threats and policies in the region.



In the same context, the report notes that Saudi Arabia became a major foreign policy pivot for Macron after the French president had visited Riyadh and met Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri in Paris after announcing his resignation from Riyadh.



The report adds that Saudi-French relations are greatly improving especially after Saudi Arabia participated in the renewal of the Arab World Institute in Paris. The Director of the Institute, Jack Lang, thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a donation of five million euros to the Institute.



The great improvement in Saudi-French relations is also evident after the Secretary-General of the World Islamic Union, Mohamed Al-Issa, had visited a cathedral in Notre Dame and led a meeting in Paris, which included the world's largest religious leaders to renounce violence and extremism.



The report also adds “Macaron administration's policy of rapprochement with Arab countries against Iran demonstrates by its praise of Islam in Abu Dhabi when he visited the United Arab Emirates”.



At the French naval base in Abu Dhabi on 8 November, Macaron addressed some of French businessmen and confirmed the importance of the alliance with the UAE as "a key partner with which we share the same vision and common interests."



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