Qatar's “Al Shaqab” is unable to provide it’s horse trainers stipends

From London, Saad Al-Saad

Al Shaqab, a subsidiary of Qatar Foundation, thanked the trainers for their "considerable patience and understanding" after being unable to provide their stipends and pledged that all monies due will be paid for several months.


The " Racing Post” journal reported that many of the leading coaches in Britain had to manage their business without the thousands of pounds owed to them by Al Shaqab.


 Khalifa Al-Attiyah, director general of Al-Shaqab, claimed that the financial problems were linked to financial review and reorganization. However, a number of those on the organization's payroll believe that the budget was prematurely exhausted by expensive transactions as well as by the large debts of the Sheqab. 



The report said that the coaches, who were waiting for their entitlements earlier this week, received a letter, part of which stated: “We are very sorry that you experience such delay in getting your payments. We are about to solve a problem that has led to these accumulated debts and receivables, and we hope that you will get your money soon. “


The letter concluded: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your considerable patience and understanding. Please rest assured that all monies dues will be paid.” 


The report also notes that the coaches expressed dissatisfaction with the delay in getting their wages for several months and the difficulty to keep working in such circumstances. 


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