Switzerland seeks to overthrow terrorists with close ties to Qatar

From Lausanne, Fahmi Obeidi  

The Swiss Federal Intelligence Service seeks to overthrow a number of pro-Qatar Qatar supported terrorists with Saudi support and cooperation.


The Le Temps Swiss journal, in a report translated by the Riyadh Post, confirmed that agents of the Information Service in the Swiss intelligence service exchanged information with a Saudi citizen to overthrow Qataris and Libyans accused of supporting terrorism. 


One of these figures is Abdul Rahman al-Nuaimi, the  co-founder of Alkarama (an NGO based in Geneva) and Ali Abdullah al-Suwaidi, the chairman of “Internationaler Islamischer” , an Islamic organization based in Berne founded by the radicalist Nicola Blancho, the head of the “suspicious” Swiss Islamic Central Council.


The two men are on the list of terrorism supporters handed over last summer by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to Qatar.



 These countries, along with Egypt, accuse Doha of secretly funding Islamic organizations, especially the Muslim Brotherhood. 



According to the report: In recent months, information has been provided to the Swiss intelligence service by the Saudi ,but living in Genève, Obaid family, who are close to King Abdullah, and Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former head of the intelligence service in the kingdom. 



According to the newspaper, the Saudi family provided secret services to Swiss diplomacy and intelligence.


According to informed sources, the newspaper confirmed that a member of the Saudi family, Tariq Obaid, had several secret meetings with the agents of the agency, in which the current director of Swiss intelligence, Paul Zinecker, participated directly. 



The exchanged information was about the list of terrorists issued by Saudi Arabia and its allies, as well as a group of Libyan activists exiled in Switzerland since 1990.



In this regard, a source close to the operation indicates that it targeted 50 people, mostly from the Muslim Brotherhood, but some of them are   Libyan “jihadists”.



Some of these people are still in contact with members of a Libyan Islamist group, now dissolved, but is still close to al-Qaeda. 



The Swiss intelligence services have been monitoring Libyan exiles in Switzerland for 10 years now, believing them to be a highly suspicious cell. 



The aim of the Swiss intelligence service through its contacts with Tariq Obaid was to identify the active members of this cell that could pass through Switzerland or use it as a meeting point. 


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