SaudiVision2030 is mandatory and not optional

Sultan Alsa’ad Alqahtani

Fear is one of the most important human instincts which has been naturally given to man by God. Based on this instinct and thankfully, man can choose his lifestyle and consciously make crucial decisions in life. For example, man builds a home because he is afraid of the uncertainties of living outdoors, and he installs a ceiling due to his fear of the natural weather elements such as rains, thunder, and the sun. Man lives among neighbors and belongs to a tribe due to his fear of being alone and vulnerable, he makes a state due to the fear of chaos, and he creates rules due to the fear of bullying.



 I will not be exaggerating when I say that the fear instinct motivates a man to build his life based on the need for safety depicts a good story of humanity and human transmutation. It is also a driving force for the Timorese of any group of people in the world. Fear has been a powerful motivation for formulating human life for a long time, and it is a feeling that cannot be treated as a luxury, an obsession or as an irrelevant subject.



 Accordingly, it was my belief that the fear of the SaudiVision2030 was justified, considering that fear is an essential instinct, and it is also the first perception of the human psyche. The fear of vision resulted from the fact that it is a project more beautiful than a dream, and greater than imagination.



I am sure that the establishment of a large communication medium and the use of smart marketing can pacify this concern and change it into a driving force of ambition.



Due to the collapse of the crude oil prices and its alternatives in the competitive market, KSA now seems like a car running within the legal speed limits, but with a sharp turn and limited options; whether to have a collision and subsequently total destruction or to experience a severe turn to avoid an impending disaster. In the latter case, what may have been damaged from the chassis can be repaired. 


 This is what this vision is about.


But is such a project relevant to KSA at this time?



This was a million dollar question that generated a lot of dialogue which was featured in newspapers, on the TV channels and in the Saudi councils among the politicians.



Let’s point out some answers which I have obtained from the interviews and conversations had with a group of elites and the experts. They are not absolute truths, but the diligence of journalists and researchers may project points for dialogue among other interested parties.



 The SaudiVision2030 is mandatory and not optional. The absence of an economic reform project for the KSA may result in very serious consequences in the future regarding this country and its people. And the situation will become even more serious when the global interest in crude oil decreases and turns into worthless commodities. One day, oil will become a mere element just like the salts, spices, and others common products which could have had a high value worth protecting with the fleets and armies but eventually becoming commodities used only by housewives. 



 The vision, which includes a huge economic reform project for KSA, is not set as a sculptured marble, but it is a flexible project that can be further developed and upgraded according to the new outcomes, the changes in figures and the correction of any identified mistakes. Although, the margin of error of the financial and economic projections are based on values which the vision does not exceed by ten percent.




The vision is reviewed every three months based on the resulting figures. This is done to ensure that there are no defects and when any defects are detected, they shall be addressed quickly, and the plan updated accordingly.



The SaudiVision2030 is an original and focused Saudi project, for which a group of countrymen, experts, and many big groups of Saudi citizens have developed through extensive workshops.



 While foreign experts and international consulting offices were hired, their functions did not include the development of the plan for Saudi Arabia but to provide economic strategies and accurate data for the global economy and its movement. This will create a vivid picture for the Saudi decision makers and developers of the vision.



The Saudi economy cannot be likened to the North Korean closed-door system, but it has connections, communications, and interests in other parts of the world. It is, therefore, necessary to achieve our goals that these prominent advisory offices that have more accurate visions and studies regarding the global economic situation should be engaged.



 The Vision Project is mainly focused on one important point which is the equitable redistribution of wealth and the customization of the budgetary support for those people who are actually entitled, and not only for the rich people. The owner of the palace must not pay the same bill of potable water and electricity that is presented to the owner of a small apartment, and a person who has five cars should not have the same gasoline expenses as the family who has just one car, and other similar cases.



 Furthermore, there is entrepreneur who has the right knowledge for projects but don’t have access to apply this information. While a young politician will embark on this project to become more popular knowing that the project might fail. This action might be based on a strong belief in the results which gives him the confidence to proceed in accordance with the history and culture of the economy and lifestyle. 



 The decision maker shows no desire to influence the citizens, but low crude oil prices can cause this impact. When oil prices rise again, the situation will change.



 The Saudi economic machinery, represented in the Economic and Development Council has tried its best to save the value of the Riyal from the volatile markets which can lead to a great crisis for the citizens.



 The Royal Court has also set up a 24-hour operation room where information regarding the Saudi economy will be gathered via communication with the Ministry of Finance, especially regarding the review of figures from the previous ten years.



 There has never been a public debt management office, but one of such offices is currently operating effectively under the leadership of the distinguished Saudi team.



 This massive project will not only have an economic impact, but it will have an impact on all aspects of life to transform the Kingdom into a competitive and developing enterprise.



 The vision will change the lives of Saudis, it will be an era of healthy competition, and survival of the best, while generating worthy services for the citizens. There will also be extensive cultural and social changes, and the Saudis will experience an increase in tourism in their home country.



King Abdullah University will be one of the institutions that support all inventions of Saudi Arabia.


I heard from the young prince his plan:


"We want it to be our dreams engine."


He said it in English:


"Our dreams engine".

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