“The Emoji Movie" ... The first film to play in Saudi Arabia

From Washington, Khalid Al Tarf

Saudi Arabia will screen its first public movie “The Emoji Movie”, a prelude to the opening of cinemas after lifting the 35-year-old ban.

Fox News reported that Saudi Arabia is expected to witness an increasing openness this year under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, as cinemas and public theaters will open in early March. 

Until that time, authorities sponsored a temporary theater in a state-run cultural hall in Jeddah .

Families were treated to a projector and screen, a red carpet and popcorn machine to complete the full movie-going experience. 

"The Emoji Movie" will be the first film to be screened in the kingdom in 35 years, in an attempt to pave the way for opening up to a lucrative but more family-friendly cinema.


The Saudi government estimates that cinema could contribute more than $ 24 billion to the economy by 2030, creating an estimated 30,000 permanent jobs and roughly around 130,000 temporary jobs. 


This will help to achieve the country's long-term goal of making its economy dependent on oil.

 According to BoxOfficeMojo, the Emoji Movie has grossed about $ 86 million in the United States.


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