Qatar ... Slavery behind football stadiums!

From London, Ali Alhasani

Stories and reports keep flowing, showing the dedication of the Qatari authorities to violating foreign workers rights and the imposition of modern forms of slavery on them to be ready to host the World Cup 2022.


The Independent reported a story of a worker from Bangladesh who suffered all kinds of inhumane treatment in Qatar. The worker named Sumon stressed that foreign workers at the 2022 FIFA World Cup stadiums are treated as slaves.


“We work around 12 hours a day at very high temperatures, as soon as we get to Qatar to find out that we have been manipulated and that our salary is much lower than what we were told" Sumon said. Your first day in Qatar reveals that you have fallen into a world of alienation and exploitation where your passport is to be confiscated and before you have even clocked in for your first shift, you owe your employer the equivalent of two years’ wages. So, leaving this country is a dream, an impossible one.



“We have to work 12 hours a day, six days a week, while at night, you're considered lucky if you have a filthy bunk bed."


 Sumon adds: “If you try to go to the mall, the security guard will knock you out, claiming that this is a Family-only area,” and “In Qatar, you find out that you are neither an employee nor a worker, but a slave who is not building a football field but a mausoleum," he said.



Qatar's hosting of the 2022 World Cup is one of the biggest mistakes for which foreign workers take the fall. The story of Sumon is repeats itself with around 2.3 million workers. 


"His story happened yesterday, and it will happen again, and it will happen again today, and again tomorrow."

Last week, the Human Rights Watch issued its latest report into the conditions of migrant workers in Qatar t found that regulations meant to protect workers from heat and humidity were still woefully inadequate. It found that hundreds of migrant workers were dropping dead on construction projects every year, but it’s hard to be sure exactly how many and how they’re dying, because Qatar deliberately hides facts regarding these incidences.

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