“Qatar: The Forbidden Truths "... A French book rears the ugly head of the “Stronghold of terrorism "

From Washington, Khalid Al Tarf

In the midst of the Gulf crisis, the French writer and journalist Emmanuel Razavi published a book entitled "The Forbidden Truths" about Qatar, in which he revealed the fragility of the Qatari system and society and the great involvement of Doha in supporting and financing terrorism.


 In this context, Atlantico.fr published a report, translated by TheRiyadhPost , in which the Muslim Brotherhood specialist said that living in Doha for three years allowed him to observe the community from within. He pointed out that Qatar is a tribal state in a very complex manner with a fragile structure.


“Life in this emirate always takes the form of a political-religious confrontation between the conservative Wahhabi camp and the ruling family represented by the Al-Thani family," he said.


 The first camp opposes the economic and social development policy of the emirate through its influence in the Shura Council and the political pressure on the Al Thani family, haunted by the specter of a coup.  While the ruling camp bets in on the political Islam embodied by the Muslim Brotherhood.


 Razaifi warns that this confrontation and the conflict between the two camps could have profound consequences on Qatar, especially on the economic level in the context of the rampant corruption in the country and economy, and in light of the economic crisis and geopolitical isolation of this emirate. 


On the accusations against Qatar of supporting and financing terrorism, the writer said that Qatar has passed the stage of financially supporting terrorist organizations to provide safe haven to the most prominent leaders of these known organizations, whose names have been known to the French, British and American intelligences. 

The Muslim Brotherhood specialist adds that Doha is the nerve and strategic center for the Muslim Brotherhood. It provides financial and political support to Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, and provides support and sanctuary to the group's ideologues, like Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, known for his extremist rhetoric and supporting terrorism.


 As for the organization the World Cup 2022, the writer ruled out any Qatari success in this task, primarily due to the power and influence of the conservative movement in Qatar opposing hosting tournament, because this event will attract more Westerners, disrupting the Qatari community with unaccepted behaviors as drinking alcohol and prostitution. 


Secondly, because Qatar is currently unable to achieve its primary objectives due to financial difficulties, in addition to the problems of human and social exploitation of workers in the construction sites, where reports of human rights organizations are criticizing these violations. 

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