Mohammed Bin Salman turns the dream of the Saudis into reality  

From Riyadh, Fahd Matouk

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman needed less than three years to make Saudi Arabia a truly new and different kingdom. The changes and reforms achieved in the kingdom were once a dream of the Saudis.


The Financial Express newspaper reported that Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman needed only less than three years of de facto power to change the face of the kingdom and create a dynamism rarely seen in Saudi Arabia in the last decades. 

The report adds that, even if it has been achieved by a royal decree from King Salman, lifting the ban on women driving is a historic and revolutionary step in the history of Saudi Arabia, favored by the 2030 vision announced by the young Prince to end the dependence of the economy on oil and support Saudi women's involvement in the largest Arab economy.

The report says that the decision to grant Saudi women the right to drive is only one of the objectives of modernizing the Saudi economy and society occurring at the same time while Prince Mohammed Bin Salman seeks achieving more ambitious goals after the creation of an entertainment authority that aims to ramp up local spending on entertainment, by organizing concerts after a nearly two-decade ban, and screening movies despite the absence of cinemas in the kingdom.


 Reforms took place, with the Saudi women in the core of such reforms. Especially after the first spokeswoman appointed at Saudi embassy and allowing girls to play sports in public schools for the first time.


The ambitious and daring reform plan, operated by the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, has received local and international support and praise, making US President Donald Trump choose the Crown Prince as the first Arab official to meet in Washington after winning the US presidential election.

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