Tariq Ramadan ... Qaradawi’s baby boy, and Qatar’s biggest mystery.

From Dubai, Saif Al Abdullah

The absence of Tariq Ramadan from the crowd to which Doha has invited more than 200 journalists and NGO leaders in an attempt to save Al-Jazeera Channel, which a number of Arab countries demand its shut dowm, raised a number of questions about the relationship between Ramadan and the Emirate of gas.


 Mondafrique reported that the Swiss Islamologist owes his entire academic career to the emirate, including his teaching position at the Oxford Center for Contemporary Islamic Sciences, which is funded by Qatar.



 This is largely owed back to the unofficial mufti of Qatar, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, who has good relations with Tariq Ramsan, that he appointed him as a teacher at the Oxford Center.


Such relationship, according to the report, makes Tariq Ramadan a secret Qatari ambassador, although the Egyptian Islamic Swiss denied any relationship with Qatar, where he claimed in his speech to the site Mediapart, that his job consists mainly of "giving lectures at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences in Doha," adding that he does not get paid by Qatar,” “My work in Qatar is part of my contract with the Oxford Center and my salary is the one of a full-time Oxford teaching professor.”


In a related context, the report confirms that the relationship between Ramadan and Qatar is strange and incomprehensible, although the political scientist Haoues Senigue said in his explanation of how Tariq Ramadan was able to seduce the Qataris, that Qaradawi’s boy succeeded in this task thanks to his excellent command of French and English, his knowledge and relationship to Qaradawi, and his intellectual affiliation of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

“It is clear that the author of" Islam, Radical Reform, Ethics and Liberation” has a strong “symbolic capital "major theological figures in Qatar, such as Qaradawi," who venerate Hassan Al-Banna,” but at the same time he confirms that Tariq Ramadan is ultra conservative pragmatic but at the same time he is open to the world, which makes him an “ideal” religious diplomat for the Qatari regime.

The report states that Ramadan, who claims to be a free thinker, claiming to be part of the ideological family of liberation theologians of South America, before selling his soul and his idea to the gas emirate.


 In spite of his Egyptian origins, Ramadan did not set foot in Cairo for a single day during the Arab Spring. He justified himself by explaining that it was his daughter who was in the front line to follow the Qatar-supported revolution. 


This goes against what he did when he swore in an interview with Jean-Jacques Borden on Radio RMC saying that "Neither Qatar is close to me, nor me I am close to Qatar” adding that “he regularly denounced the situation of immigrant workers in Doha.


The ambiguity of his relation to Qatar reaches its maximum as he did not lift a finger to defend Doha when its neighbors began attacking its policies. Unlike Nabil Al-Nasseri, French of Moroccan origin, director of the Qatar Observatory, and author of the book "The Enigma of Qatar".


According to the report, Al-Nasseri, unlike Ramadan, does not bite the hand that feeds him. On June 22, he participated in a forum entitled “Doha opposes the regional hegemony of Riyadh" and did not hide his boundless admiration for the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar.



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