Saudi Arabia .. The refuge of Greek doctors from their financial distress

From Paris Fadwa Al-Shebani

Greek doctors plan to travel to Saudi Arabia because of the stagnation of the Greek market and the low wages.



The Greek Reporter newspaper reported that the recession in the Greek market and the low number of jobs and the low wages of health workers in Greece prompted doctors to think of Saudi Arabia as a future destination for their business.
The report notes that many Greek doctors have expressed their willingness to end their private business in Greece and move to Saudi Arabia.


 It’s been less than two months since the representatives of the Saudi Ministry of Health visited Greece, and Greek doctors are already planning to move to Saudi Arabia.

Al Mowasat Medical Services Company, a private company dealing with hospitals in five Saudi cities, including the capital, Riyadh, is expected to meet with specialists from all specialties starting from Thursday, Feb 1st to February 3rd.

Salaries ranging from € 5,000 to € 10,000 are the main attraction for Greek doctors aged 35-57 who are expected to benefit from jobs at a new hospital that will open next summer in Al Khobar.


A total of 200 Greek doctors were selected for work last December by a committee of the Saudi Ministry of Health and about 70 were selected for further interviews by health group officials. 


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