From « Saudi Davos" to Swiss "Davos" .. The kingdom reveals its modern face

From London, Saad al-Saad

A giant screen at the end of the Davos forum featured images of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman surrounded by young Saudis, two musicians in white glasms playing traditional Saudi plays, and a number of international business leaders eating Saudi cuisine from a “buffet”.

The Financial Times reported, and translated by Riyadh post, that the scene was a declaration and summary of Saudi Arabia's participation in the World Economic Forum on its last day. The MESC Foundation, outside the main conference hall, marketed the image of the modern kingdom to the world from the Davos Gate.

The Saudi participation in Davos is part of the Kingdom's efforts to show the new and modern image of the Kingdom and complement the Saudi Davos, hosted by the Kingdom in October, the world's largest investors and bankers, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Riyadh. Post-oil Saudi Arabia, open to the business world, and to the 21st century. 

Within two weeks, the hotel was turned into a temporary center for the richest princes, businessmen and ministers in the anti-corruption campaign launched by the crown prince to root out the corruption tumor and recover billions of dollars to the state treasury.

 From Saudi Davos to Swiss Davos, the kingdom tried to present its new image to the world, driven by historic and extraordinary changes, after lifting the ban on women driving cars, lifting the ban on cinemas and a number of other social and economic reforms.

 Concurrent with the conclusion of the forum in the Swiss Alps, Saudi Arabia announced the release of dozens of detainees in the anti-corruption campaign and the restoration of more than 100 billion dollars of state funds through settlements with a number of businessmen, princes and ministers.

 And between the Saudi perception of reform, change and anti-corruption measures, and the international community's view, Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said, "People look at what happened in China and the anti-corruption drive of Shi Jinping as something unique to China. What has been done in the Kingdom, having in mind the unique situation of Saudi Arabia, we are cleaning our way. “

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