The head of CNN for business operations admired the Crown Prince's knowledge of the media industry

From Washington, Khaled Alraref

The supervisor of business operations at CNN expressed his praising to the Crown Prince's knowledge of the media industry.


Rani Raad, the head of CNN for global business operations and the director of Turner / Time Warner Company in the Middle East, expressed his admiration for Prince Mohammed bin Salman's knowledge of "the minute details about the media industry and its production" as CNN reported.


"His knowledge and keenness to know the details during the visit and to meet with the leaders of Arnaud Brothers in Los Angeles positively demonstrated his awareness to bring the best to Saudi Arabia and to the youth of the Kingdom," Raad said.


It is noteworthy that the Crown Prince met with Raad and a number of directors of Time Warner Company on Tuesday in Los Angeles during his tour to the United States of America, where talks were exchanged about promising partnership opportunities in the Kingdom.


In his three-week visit, the Crown Prince seeks to enhance the opportunities of the Saudi-US partnership in supporting the vision of 2030 to diversify the Saudi economy, end its reliance on oil and modernize the Kingdom.

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