Sheikha Mozah…. the “frightening face” of Qatar's expansion policy  

From London, Saad Al Saad

Sheikha Mozah represents the soft and frightening face of the "Qatari system" at the same time, in that small country which is full of contradictions and based on the intertwining of Qatar's wealth and power with the interests of the Al Thani family.


The Guardian, a British newspaper, published in this context, a report entitled "Sheikha Mozah: the (un)acceptable face of Qatar’s global expansion," and was translated by Riyadh Post, this report confirmed that Sheikha Mozah, the wife of the former Emir of Qatar and the mother of Prince Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, is another image more expressive and reflective of the saying Written by Ellen Frumerz when he wrote, "the entire state of Qatar has become a family company, Sheikh is its executive Director".


The report adds that Sheikha Mozah's influence grows day by day in Qatar as well as her external influence. After purchasing three buildings worth £ 120 million in the British capital, London, Sheikha Mozah was having them turned into one 33,000 sq. ft. as a royal palace, with games rooms, twin lifts, gymnasium and a swimming pool set in Portland stone. The result is likely to be the UK’s most expensive private home.




Sheikha Mozah's small project in the London real estate market is not just a project of building a family home but in fact, it is an institutional process, through which the Royal Qatari family seeks to dominate the most luxurious streets and places in the world, albeit at the expense of a state and a nation.


What raises questions about the real significance of these huge investments is the insistence of the rulers of Qatar on owning the world's most luxurious real estate, as they are the owners of the Shard skyscraper, Harrods, and the Olympic Village, the American Embassy building in Grosvenor Square which is a part of the Camden Market, not to mention 8% of the London Stock Exchange, and part of Barclays bank, corresponding to a total of more than what Queen Elizabeth owns in London.


The report indicates that the principle of foreign investment for the royal Qatari family is still the same as that of the former Emir of Qatar and even Prince Tamim bin Hamad, while Sheikha Mozah is the supervisor of family investments and the continuation of this approach, as it is not easy to draw a line between Qatar's wealth and power and the interests of the Al Thani family.


The report shows that the bright and luxurious face that Sheikha Mozah seeks to bring to the world through the extravagance in buying the world's most luxurious buildings cannot conceal her role and function of highlighting "soft power", and the charming side of the family running a state, severely restricts women's freedoms, and treats Foreign workers are slaves, stripping them of all their rights and forcing them to work under extremely dangerous conditions. In this sense, the report indicates that Sheikha Mozah is a symbol of deep confusion that makes Qatar an example of this strange contradiction.


The greatest part of a contradiction, according to the report, is that the richest country in the world has built its prestige and luxuries on a terrible exploitation of foreign labor. The most common example of this practice is the death of 964 registered migrant workers in 2012 and 2013, many of whom have been brought to work in the construction of the controversial 2022 FIFA World Cup.


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