US expert reveals details of harboring Qatar to the most dangerous terrorists of the world before being smuggled 

From Washington, Khalid Al taref

Qatar's support for terrorism is no longer a strange nor talking. Doha has always been a refuge for leaders of groups that the United States and the international community consider terrorist organizations. This lasted for at least 20 years and one of those who has benefited from Qatari support for terrorism, the most dangerous man on the United States blacklist and the mastermind of the September 11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.


In this context, The Daily News published a report, by Richard A. Clarke, the national coordinator for security and counter-terrorism in the administrations of Bill Clinton and Bush, translated by Riyadh Post. In this report, the American expert said that while most people link the name of Osama bin Laden to the attacks of September 11, but another man, the real leader and the most dangerous terrorist in the eyes of the US administration, known as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who was one of the most beneficiaries of the Qatari support for terrorism and of the provision of Doha a safe refuge to the most dangerous Terrorists and wanted internationally.


In 1993, the name of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was associated with a bomb attack on the World Trade Center, before being later confirmed to have an unparalleled ability to organize large-scale terrorist attacks and this what bin Laden himself was lacking.

The American expert notes that Sheikh Mohammed is a Pakistani who grew up in Kuwait but spent four years getting a bachelor's degree in North Carolina. After the New York attack, he returned to Manila in 1995 when he was involved in the so-called Bojinka Plot to blow up U.S. airliners in the Pacific Ocean.


By 1996, after the attacks in New York and Manila, Sheikh Mohammed was considered the most dangerous terrorist. Later that year, he was charged with a sealed criminal charge that year, but US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was trying to determine his place as a matter of high priority. It was surprising to discover that the most dangerous terrorists in the world are in Qatar where he got a job at the Qatar Water Management Corporation.


Clarke points out that the US administration was deeply shocked. As a result, an inter-agency committee chaired by the Counter-Terrorism Security Group pledged to study the appropriate measures in response to Doha harboring the world's most dangerous terrorists. A consensus has been reached in the group that trust cannot be granted to the government of Qatar in the future. In addition to submitting a request to the Qatari Security Service for the arrest and extradition of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.


The US expert adds that the Qataris have a history of sympathy for terrorism as investigations have revealed that a member of the Council of Ministers in particular and a member of the royal family, who has relations with terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, was overseeing the care of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.


Clarke also explained that the US administration has drawn up all possible scenarios for the capture of Sheikh Mohammed without kidnapping him from Qatar, which would be like invading another country. Therefore, The Clinton administration has been left with just one choice which is to approach the Qataris and mitigate the latent risks, by submitting a request through the US ambassador in Doha to the Emir of Qatar to speak to the head of the Qatari security service and extradite Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. According to this request, Sheikh Mohammed has to be arrested and kept for a few hours so that the US detention team could land for transferring him to the United States.


Clarke concluded by saying that within hours of the US ambassador's meeting with the Emir, Sheikh Mohammed had dropped out of sight as the ambassador was reported that no one had been able to find him, before the Qatari government later confirmed that the most wanted terrorists had left the country, without providing any further details.


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