Erdoğan .. Leave Qatar, look at Cyprus

Zinat Ghurjanli

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government is teetering on the sidelines of the Qatari crisis from the day it began until today.


‏The first reaction of the Justice and Development Party is to "try to understand the crisis." Even President Erdoğan himself said, "There is a game played behind the Qatari crisis, and we are trying to understand what it is."


The next day, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government changed its position. Erdogan also made official statements stressing that he would stand with Qatar.


But at the time when the media pens of AKP started to play the tune of "shoulder to shoulder with Qatar" and to cast accusations against Saudi Arabia and the United States, the Emir of Qatar launched an unexpected campaign.


The Emir of Qatar has paid 12 billion dollars and bought warplanes from the United States. Then, the pro-government media and the AKP government were frozen in their land. "Just as rabbits when they see the lamp," Of course I say it in a metaphorical sense.

While the AKP government and its henchmen were preparing to shoot harsh criticisms against the United States, the major shot came from Washington.


The beginning was the issuance of a memorandum in absentia to arrest the guards of President Erdogan, who had beaten the demonstrators in Washington.


Then, the US Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson's statements came to reveal what was hidden when he presented Turkey and Qatar as an example that "the Muslim Brotherhood has become now part of governments in some countries."


The words of Tillerson ostensibly seem to be as a criticism of announcing Saudi Arabia and its allies from the Sunni Arab states that Muslim Brotherhood is a "terrorist group", but on the other hand he was formally putting up a broad banner reading " the AKP government is part of the Brotherhood."


He, somewhat, referred to the AKP government in Turkey and set it as a target for the world's arrows.


Here, at this point, and in such an atmosphere, life has returned to Cyprus negotiations again and suddenly after they collapsed completely in February.


The collapse of the February negotiations was due to Turkey's insistence not to abandon the role of guarantor for the security of Cyprus. So, what has changed since February to the day to start the negotiations again?


What has just changed is the Justice and Development Party, which has been stuck in the corner in a position between the US and the Sunni states, led by Saudi Arabia which one day Turkey declared mourning for three days on its king who died in 2015. ‏


It is a well-known rule in international relations: those who are stuck in the corner of the policy shall make concessions easily.


Today, Turkey, which is governed by the "Justice and Development" Party for 15 years, is experiencing its most difficult time in international forums.


Be aware of what happens in Cyprus; everything can change in a moment.


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