The Prince Who Can Change ... Everything  

From Paris - Fadwa El shaibani

Le Point French magazine devoted Saudi Arabia and Prince Mohammed bin Salman with two separate reports in which it monitored the volume of change witnessed by the kingdom since the young prince became the crown prince.



The magazine titled the cover of its magazine with "The Prince Who Can Change Everything", where it devoted a large area in its latest edition of the changes taking place in Saudi Arabia, after the accession of Prince Mohammed bin Salman Covenant, according to the agency Sputnik.



The magazine published two reports on a file on Saudi Arabia, one focuses on social changes, which witnessed by the Kingdom, since the rise of bin Salman became the crown prince.



The magazine said in its report, titled "The Prince Who Can Change Everything": "The land of the two Holy Mosques has been in a state of change in less than 6 months since Bin Salman became the crown prince," and added “The young prince, aged 32-Year-old, puts on the idea of destroying all radical ideas in Islam in the Kingdom, and seeks a comprehensive social change in the country, initiated by the historic decision to allow Saudi women to drive cars.



Bin Salman's social plans are on the same path as other economic development plans to get the country out of the "curse of oil," according to the report.



In another report, devoted to the campaign against corruption led by the crown prince, the magazine revealed that the echo of this campaign arrived in Paris, as France began to search for new networks linked to the princes of the "Ritz-Carlton" in cooperation with the Saudi authorities.



The French magazine has quoted French diplomats as saying that the French authorities have begun extensive investigations into the possibility of forming many princes, officials and businessmen detained at the Ritz-Carlton, new networks in France to smuggle their money to it.


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