Saudi Crown Prince seeks to Remake a new Middle East  

From Washington, Khaled Altaref

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, with an American support, seeks to Remake a new Middle East with new balances and alliances.

In this context, The New Yorker magazine carried a report translated by the Riyadh Post, in which it stressed that the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the American administration agree on the need to change the balances of the region and to reshape the new Middle East.


The report also adds that the Crown prince, despite being a young man under the age of thirty-two, has a broad and comprehensive vision, not only for the future of Saudi Arabia but also for the region as a whole. The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced an ambitious plan in order to end the dependence of the Kingdom on oil, diversify its economy, and modernize Saudi society, in parallel with his quest to curb the policy of chaos and Iranian hegemony in the region. This tendency is clearly shown in his conflict with the mullahs in various aspects and describing them as Nazis.


The report indicates that Prince Muhammad bin Salman's vision is largely in line with the vision of the White House administration, especially with the vision of Trump and advisor Jared Kushner, as it was quoted from a source in the Ministry of Defense. " Kushner met with aides from the National Security Council, they took out the map and assessed the situation,”. 


Through surveying the area, they concluded that Iran is heavily dominating the Middle East."


The source added, “We were sure then that We can’t be successful in the Gulf without Saudi Arabia.”


The report also indicates that this strategy is the opposite of the approach adopted by Barack Obama, so Trump, with the support of his son-in-law, sought to establish a new alliance with Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman to curb Iran and put an end to its hegemony in the region.


This consistent vision for the future of the Middle East has contributed to the consolidation of the relationship between Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Jared Kushner, where the report states that "they have become very close to each other and communicate periodically. They look at the future of the region from the same perspective."


The report adds that Kushner’s three visits to Saudi Arabia, in which he met Prince Muhammad bin Salman, contributed greatly to the formation of a friendship and a major alliance between the two young men who plan to reshape the region.  




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