Sultan Alsa’ad : Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood are two sides of the same coin

From Riyadh, Ghanim Al – Mutairi

Sultan Alsa’ad Alqahtani, editor-in-chief of TheRiyadhPost, confirmed that Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood are two sides of the same coin.


Al-Qahtani said, in an interview with Al Arabiya News Channel, that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was right to place Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood in one basket as the two terrorist organizations pose a major threat to the security and future of the region.


Al-Qahtani explained that the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, and other terrorist organizations intersect in a number of points, the most important of which is the exploitation of religion and the unseen to impose a reality that is not needed by the national countries to which they belong.


The editor-in-chief of TheRiyadhPost added that these organizations are trying, through extremism and sectarianism, to impose control over the region and export their ideas to other countries.


The Saudi media confirmed that the Crown Prince's message to the world, in which he warned the international community against continuing to keep silent about the danger of Al-Malali regime, was clear, especially when he described Khamenei as a new Hitler in the Middle East.


Al-Qahtani stressed the great danger of the two organizations(Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood) on the stability and security of the region. He pointed out that, although the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran differ in ideology, they share the hierarchical structure, the way of working within an organization, the lack of faith in the borders of the national state, and the desire to jump outside the borders of the state to which they belong.


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