Saudi Arabia is about to launch the first electric car next April

From Lausanne, Fahmi Obeidi

Saudi Arabia is preparing to the launch of its first pilot EV electric vehicle in April, this comes in partnership with several Japanese companies.

The Saudi Electricity Co has signed an deal with Japanese energy companies and Nissan Motor Company to launch the first pilot project for electric vehicles in the Kingdom, the world's largest oil exporter. 



The Saudi Electricity Company signed the deal with Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), its Takaoka Toko Company and Nissan Motor Company to test the feasibility of electric vehicles in the harsh climate of Saudi Arabia. 

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) stated that the largest oil exporter and the leader of OPEC aims to reduce domestic oil consumption to free make more available oil for export and reduce its carbon emissions. 


The pilot project will use three of the latest models of Nissan's new electric vehicles, and TEPCO's Takaoka Toko will provide fast charging devices for each.


 The pilot project, that is to be launched in April this year, will monitor the effects of summer heat as well as dust and sand in Saudi Arabia on the performance of electric vehicles.


 For one year, Saudi Electricity Company will operate the three Nissan vehicles and the three Takaoka Toko fast charging devices, while TEPCO will evaluate the data from the pilot project.

In this context, TEPCO affirmed that the Japanese companies will also develop a plan of action for the use of electric motors and fast charging devices in Saudi Arabia.

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