Turkey and the Qatar Crisis Puts Africa on the brink of a volcano

From Riyadh, Ghanim Al – Mutairi

Turkey's accession to the Qatar crisis has raised fears of rising tensions and expansion of conflict areas to the Horn of Africa.


The Fair Observer website reported that Turkey's intervention in the Qatar as a regional player in this diplomatic battle will fuel regional conflicts, especially in the Horn of Africa, a region where a number of foreign military bases have been established. The area also is a key trade rote with its 4000 km coastline.



 Sudan's recent decision to grant Turkey the right to control and rebuild the island of Swaken, while the Turks also seek to build a naval dock on the Red Sea coast that threatens security and stability in this sensitive


The $650-million Turkish-Sudanese agreement is an indication that East Africa was being drawn into the Qatar crisis and associated conflicts in the Middle East.

 Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad the Second, toured six West African nations in December 2017 to shore up support for his country in its dispute with its Gulf brethren.

Africa, according to the report, is a battleground not only in the Qatar crisis, but also in the fierce competition between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

 The report highlights that Ankara's plan to establish a new base in this region and the agreement between Sudan and Turkey has raised concern in capitals on both sides of the Red Sea.  

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt as well have expressed concern over Turkey's military expansion and Ankara's support for Qatar.

  Turkey also has a military base in Qatar, a training base in Somalia and is discussing the establishment of a base in Djibouti.

 Djibouti has foreign military facilities run by France, the United States, Saudi Arabia, China and Japan. 

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which have bases in Berbera in the breakaway republic of Somaliland and in Eritrea, fear the deal would allow Turkey, an ally of Qatar and Iran, to support Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood in this



Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates also suspect that Qatar is funding the Swakin Island Rebuild Campaign. 

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