Of which Saudi Arabia will get Four pieces ... Learn more about features of the American MMSC frigate  

From Washington, Khalid Al Tarf

Gibbs Cox Marine Engineering will provide the functional design of the new MMSC, which the Royal Saudi Navy will acquire.


Defense Update reported that the new surface combatant is a new category of frigates that will be manufactured based on Freedom LCS.

 Gibbs & Cox has been contracted by Lockheed Martin for work on this project. 


Gibbs & Cox will provide design and engineering services for monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and improvements of the frigate functional design, under a separate contract from Lockheed Martin. 

In May 2017, Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement with the US Navy to purchase four MMSC frigates. 


The deal is the first Foreign Military Sales of a new US manufactured surface combatant in more than 40 years.


The MMSC is a multi-tasking surface combatant with a powerful fighting and maneuvering capability, it is also designed for both littoral and open seas missions.
 This multi-tasking combatant can reach a speed of more than 30K. 

The frigate will be equipped with combat management systems and sensors including the TRS-4D radar. The combat weapon system will consist of two MK-41 launching systems (comprising 16 launchers in total) with anti-ship missiles of the RGM-84 and RIM-162 models. 


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