International Center for Sport Security: a sporting interface to hide the Qatari corruption

From Paris, Fadwa Al-Shebany

The International Center for Sports Security, with annual budget of more than 25 million francs that is mostly provided by Qatar, is moving its headquarters from London to Geneva, while several media reports confirm that this center is only a Qatari interface to divert attention from its rampant corruption in sports industry.


The Swiss newspaper Le Temps reported that the International Center for Sport Security is a not-for-profit organization promoting ethics in the sports industry. However, international media suspect that the center was created to divert public attention from corruption allegations about the World Cup In Doha in 2022, and the violation of worker’s rights.



 This sports entity, founded in 2010 in Qatar, intends to bring together the most influential players in the world of sports. The stated goal is to improve governance within other major associations, clubs and international federations, as well as to combat corruption and illegal bets.



According to the report, Qatar contributes about 70% of the center’s 20 to 30 million Swiss francs annual budget through other private and public sources, as well as income from the organization’s research projects.



 Qatar's funding reflects a clear conflict of interest, as the Anglo-Saxon press has already confirmed in 2015.The lawyer specialized in the ports law, David Larkin, points out "It's no secret that Qatar uses sport to look good. The court has a long way to go to uncover the real doubts about Qatar's sports policy.


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