What is hidden behind the Qatar Charity Foundation Congo?

From Dubai, Saif Al Abdullah

A Congolese newspaper has warned of the dangers of the branch of the Qatar Charity Foundation in the Congo, stressing that all reports confirm that it is a front to support and finance terrorism.


The Congolese newspaper Mwinda said in a report that the activities of the Qatar Charity Foundation in the Congo raise great doubts and concern, especially as it attracts hundreds of young Congolese and foreigners in the country hoping to obtain financial aid while at the same Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt accuse Qatar of using this institution to finance terrorist organizations.



The Congolese are concerned about the real objectives of the organization and what it is hiding, especially after Saudi Arabia has added Qatar Foundation to the list of organizations that Qatar will use to finance terrorism.



The report notes that doubts surrounding this organization increase day after day following reports that condemn it with supporting and financing terrorism. The book "The Ugly Qatar" by Nicola Bo and Jack Marie Bourges says that Qatar Charity, which has wide spread in dozens of countries such as Niger, encourages small loans to attract young people and recruit extremists.

According to the Congolese newspaper, several reports by the Italian and Spanish newspapers confirm that “Qatar Charity” funds terrorist groups in Libya, Mali, Somalia and the Niger. At the same time, John Francois Costelle asserts that Qatar "has supported the jihadist movement in Tunisia and Egypt, this is confirmed by the testimony of a number of young Tunisians that they received incentives and financial support from charities supported by Qatar and the most famous of which is the “Qatar Charity Foundation” to participate in the protests and the use of violence while so.


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