“Energy Intelligence Preconception!”

Dr. Faisal Mrza

Energy Compass is a weekly subscribed publication part of the energy intelligence group publications! Instantaneously after Saudi Arabia launched its ambitious vision 2030 nearly two years ago, they started injecting and promoting economic difficulties, upcoming interior instability and a fueling public outrage that never existed!



Energy Compass weekly offensive articles come with an erroneous analysis and targeted agendas against our nation's unity and prosperity in moving forward successfully with a huge economic transformation (non-oil based economy). They keep promoting that our ambitious social and economic reforms would revolutionize Saudi Arabia, while disrupting what they inappropriately describe as (a fragile balance of power with a leadership that set to sail into uncharted waters, after decades of relative calm, could the kingdom see - if it hasn’t already - a return to the infighting and intrigue of its earlier history)?



Moreover, Energy Compass as it seems the political publications for the Energy Intelligence group, criticize Saudi foreign policies, and toughens its language when it comes to Saudi Arabia while deliberately overlooks the chaotic internal political instability in Iran with the outrageous protesters nationwide! Despite Iran’s weak economy, Iran regime remains the world's leading sponsor of terrorism, yet we haven’t read such offensive articles nor criticisms from any of the Energy Intelligence publications, conversely, an obvious supporting language is indirectly articulated:




*Have they ever discussed Iran’s plans to blow the region stability and thrust chaos?



* Have they ever analyzed the drastic impact of Iran's Nuclear Programme (deal) on the Regional Stability?




On the other hand, Energy Compass doubted the success of Saudi vision 2030 and predicts a failure that could lead to a very ugly future, though we are so fortunate with the stability, which is the most important factor that helped our nation to grow, thrive and develop to become an internationally pioneering nation, despite the surrounding turmoil that evolved with the Arab uprisings in 2011, Saudi Arabia has remained the most stable country in the region, with no internal risks as energy compass claimed.



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its ongoing political stability and strong citizenship and public confidence in its leadership, symbolizes a political system with a solid / unbroken relationship between citizens and our leadership. Yet, Energy Compass still questions our readiness for this unprecedented social and economic transformation while overcoming challenges?




Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 represents serious efforts to address a future in which oil plays less of a role in the economic reform plans where every government entity is accountable for their plans, actions and results with enormous transparency that never been exercised before!



Concisely, Saudi citizenship and nation unbounded unity is greater than what the Energy Intelligence tries hard to promote in order to suspend our economic transformation, thrive and prosperity.






Dr. Faisal Mrza


Energy and Oil Marketing Adviser (Former OPEC / Saudi Aramco). 


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