Saudis Awareness Frustrates the Qatari-Iranian Plan to Stir up Sedition

Dr. Faisal Mrza

Saudi immuned society couldn't be penetrateed as Saudis have won the e-war against Saudi Arabia, which is characterized as the most secure, stable, safe, progressive and prosperous country.



The virtual voices and media world led by Qatar and Iran and their followers can’t outsmart nor influence Saudis - despite the 35 Iranian channels attacking the Kingdom in various languages, along with the Qatari provocative news against the Kingdom, 20,000 hostile media articles published in Qatar, and 23,000 offensive accounts with 90 Twitter per minute, and 10,000 websites broadcasting rumors against the kingdom. All this was neglected and utterly destroyed amid the Saudis patriotism.



Saudi Arabia faces an army of this virtual world of Iran and Qatar because Saudi Arabia is the result of the unrivaled success and the regional power that characterizes it in its balanced and supportive policy for all human rights. It is the human renaissance and its keenness to maintain world peace and fight terrorism. It is the driving force behind this international approach and the constant demand for the revival of the supreme thought on which Islam is based. 



The efforts of the Al-Hamdeen gangs, and their mercenaries were disappointed and will always be, and their evil spirits, which they harbor and the terrorism they spread, have no legitimacy and ground after being defeated by Saudi Arabia who leads the war on terrorism and the preservation of the rights derived from Islam. Hence, drying up the Kingdom's steadfastness and wisdom is a losing hypothesis.



No matter how promising these

virtual voices and their associates from the evils of terrorism, their fate is the failure at the hands of Saudis and their strong unity around their leadership. 





Dr. Faisal Mrza




Energy and Oil Marketing Adviser (Former OPEC / Saudi Aramco)

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