The unfunny trio in the Middle East

Sultan Alsa’ad Alqahtani

For more than three decades, the fate of the Middle East has been to live away from the limits of stability because of the activities of the three bloody organizations that have greatly influenced the political scene in the region. Iran and the organizations of the Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda have played a negative role in the region, destabilizing it and encouraging terrorist operations in more than one place.


An in-depth look at the activities of this unfunny trio is enough to judge that they, despite ideological differences, have staggeringly different intersection lines. They have used religion and the unseen to impose a political reality that has nothing to do with the state or entity. They are always inclined to export their projects beyond the borders and do not have the political and administrative competence to turn their plans into an ongoing institutional project. 


Their ideas are unworkable in modern times, so they have always resorted to imposing them through using violence. Considering the pyramid structure, you will find the Supreme Leader in all of the three organizations. You will also find that they have the same desire to control the largest possible area of the Muslim world or to make it fall down into the quagmire of chaos, so as to show that they are the faithful, the honest, and the Saviors. 


These organizations always fail because they are not states, and do not have the project of the modern state. They are nothing but angry militias, as we have seen in Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and everywhere those three have been. They have stolen the idea of a state for their own project.


The only place where the revolution was able to steal the state was in Iran, so it is still living in chaos.


The state, according to Jacques Donnedieu de Vabres in his famous book of the same name, is "a kind of social organization that ensures its security and the security of its citizens against external and internal threats." As in the case of Iran, the Brotherhood, and al-Qaeda, they are a threat to themselves before others, and this is a betrayal of the idea of the state itself and reflects their lack of faith in it.


Iran has failed to become a state, it is still a militia organization no more, in addition to having a fake democratic system. No candidate can be approved unless he has the approval of Khamenei who, as a Supreme Leader, has absolute powers and cannot be stepped down from his post as long as he survives.


With the decline of al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran will be the last link in this troubled Middle East scene. Also, preventing it from acquiring a nuclear bomb is, therefore, imperative to ensure peace in the world.


I have heard many calls over the past decade to choose dialogue as a way to contain Iran's threat. The International society has discovered that this is not possible because Iran's aggressive activity has increased over the past years, causing instability in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Bahrain.


Because Iran, that is governed by an armed militia ideology, cannot be a rational force in the region, because the regime itself is not based on the rules of international relations, and its actions cannot be interpreted by the principle of political science alone. It is a regime based on a number of non-logical Metaphysics.


The only solution to Iran's return to the international community is to help give Iran's new youth a big role in its future. The sun has been hidden from Iran for a long time, but now I see its youth opening windows and destroying the regime of the mullahs.


Modern science sees the "model" is more capable of bringing about change than armed force. When the young Iranians consider Saudi Arabia which described by their media as a backward country, they notice the social change and economic growth. They will certainly seek and demand that model.

The “Model”, is a nuclear bomb in modern times.


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