The Red Sea Development Company appoints Gartner for flagship destination’s technology procurement advisory services


The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), the developer behind the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism project, has awarded a contract to Gartner for the provision of  technology procurement advisory services.  

Gartner will support TRSDC with sourcing technology partners across three main areas: smart destination development, IT and cybersecurity. The company will provide insights and advice on licensing, technology customization, service scoping and pricing to serve the ambitious needs of TRSDC and The Red Sea Project.

“Technical innovation underpins every aspect of our vision for The Red Sea Project. From the seamless, personalized service guests will experience when they arrive at our airport, to the 24/7 smart monitoring of the environment, every element will be world class. Gartner’s specialists are at the forefront of emerging trends and with their expert counsel, we can transform travel through technology,” said John Pagano, CEO of TRSDC.

“Not only do we want to work with partners who are at the top of their game, they must also be attuned to our environmental ambitions. Gartner understood this and will help us to source like-minded partners to achieve our goals.”

The advisory firm will be vital in providing technology insights that will help TRSDC achieve its ambition to create a bespoke experience for guests ahead of the destination’s opening in 2022. Intelligent resort management processes will keep track of visitor flows to ensure guests can enjoy their experience free of airport delays and over-crowding at the resort itself – factors which now have even more importance in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Work is already underway to develop an extensive smart destination platform that will monitor, simulate, and forecast the environmental impact of the destination’s operations, in keeping with TRSDC’s commitment to protect and enhance the environment.

As part of the contract, Gartner’s network of over 2,250 research analysts and consultants are already providing an on-demand service to TRSDC, including a review of the first Smart Destination procurement packages.

From a cybersecurity perspective, Gartner will be responsible for working with TRSDC’s partners to continually assess and improve cybersecurity and to ensure compliance with local and international regulations. Meanwhile TRSDC’s IT team will rely on Gartner’s evaluation and recommendations for future technology partners.

Work is on track across all phases of the project, with Phase One due to complete in 2023, offering 16 hotels and 3,000 rooms across five islands and two inland resorts, as well as commercial, retail and leisure facilities and other infrastructure.
Upon completion in 2030, The Red Sea Project will comprise 50 hotels, offering up to 8,000 hotel rooms and around 1,300 residential properties across 22 islands and six inland sites. The destination will also include a luxury marina, entertainment and leisure facilities.

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