Riyadh's relationship with ODAS has ended irrevocably  

From Paris - Fadwa El shaibani

For the second time in two years, Saudi Arabia refuses to work with ODAS, which represents the interests of French groups in the kingdom, which currently runs a series of ongoing military contracts, which is an indication of the end of the relationship between Riyadh and this company.



The French newspaper La Tribune reported in this context that the Saudi Arabia recently appointed a Saudi officer to act as a mediator, which is a new and final warning that Saudi Arabia does not want to continue working with ODAS.



The report adds that Paris received a very explicit message from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman two years ago that Saudi Arabia's relationship with ODAS "is over".



After this, the Ministry of Defense expressed its desire to terminate any relationship with the French company "ODAS", and announced this in an express and official letter on 13 November 2015 and the French newspaper obtained a copy of it.

The letter was then sent to The Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and signed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who was then the Crown Prince and Minister of Defense.



Despite this clear message, France has done little, almost two years ago, except to express its regret over the Saudi decision, the report says.



The newspaper points out that even with the arrival of Florence Barley to the French Ministry of Armed Forces, and sending a letter to the Crown Prince on September 26 which the newspaper La Tribune obtained a copy of it, the situation has not


Because it is clear that this letter "arrived too late," according to the newspaper because Saudi Arabia has taken the irreversible decision.

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