King Salman's intervention has saved more than 4,000 Indians from Yemen  

From Riyadh, Saad Alhamoud


Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj confirmed that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Moody's telephone conversation with King Salman has contributed to the success of the mass evacuation of Indians and foreigners stranded there in Yemen in 2015.


 Regarding this contest, Outlook India website has published a report confirming that the Indian armed forces launched Operation "Rahat" to evacuate more than 4,000 Indian citizens and other foreign nationals from Yemen in 2015.



The report added that the sea evacuation was through the Port of Aden and lasted from April 1st 2015 and for 11 days. 


In her speech to the Indian Diaspora in the ASEAN, Swaraj explained that King Salman's intervention had been a key factor in the success of the Operation “Rahat”.


Swaraj added that she asked Moody to exploit his excellent relationship with King Salman to ensure the success of the evacuation of Indians from Yemen, which has already happened, after the Indian Prime Minister directly contacted King Salman and asked him to provide a safe passage for Indian citizens in order to carry out the evacuation by ceasing the bombing against Houthis for a week. 


Swaraj revealed that King Salman had agreed, by virtue of his friendly relationship with Moody, to stop air strikes targeting the Houthis daily from 9 am to 11 am and for a week. 


In order to seize window of opportunity, the Indian Foreign Minister confirmed that she had asked the Yemeni authorities to open the port of Aden and its airport in Sana'a to evacuate civilians to Djibouti for two hours a day and for a week . 


In her word to a gathering attended by more than 3,000 people, mostly Indian immigrants, in the presence of Singaporean Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chi-hin, Swaraj underlined that tis coordination assured the success of an evacuation, not only of the 4,800 Indians, but also of 1972 persons from other countries.


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