The Softbank Vision Fund ... A Saudi success story in investing in the future

From Riyadh, Fahd Matouk

Global experiences and developments show the success of Saudi investments in the technology sector, the most important of which is the Kingdom's investment in the Vision Softbank Fund.


A video has been published on social networking sites has shown two robots in the form of a dog, one of which opens the door to another in the latest technological developments.


This robot dog, which opens the door to another robot, is owned by the vision fund Softbank, in which Saudi Arabia owns the largest share.


This scientific achievement is proof of Saudi success in investing in the future through Softbank Vision Fund.


Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has committed $ 45 billion for the investment in Softbank Vision Fund for technology, in partnership with Japanese Softbank Group. 


Last year Saudi Arabia granted the Saudi nationality to the robot Sophia, believing in the importance of investing in the future through technology. 

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