Jordanian success story


“It is not 15 years of working in printed and visual media, but rather the deep passion to strive towards a beautiful world.”


This is how Jordanian businesswoman Hind Khleifat describes the story of her company ‘Alocloud’ which specializes in digital content and marketing.


As Jordan witnesses a clear rise in entrepreneurship, coupled with royal support for small and medium businesses, Jordanian women are occupying a growing position in the business sector. 


This is especially true among companies that provide innovative and creative services, such as the Amman-based company established by Khleifat and managed by her for the past three years, which provides written content, as well as advertising campaigns and visual identity design. 


Khleifat, who comes from Petra in the south of Jordan, holds a master’s degree with distinction in media and is currently working towards an MBA from Bedfordshire University. The quality and authenticity of her work have helped her become one of the most effective social media influencers. Through products and services offered by her company, Khleifat strives to preserve the Arabic language and improve publication content by using standards based on sound ideas, originality, and recognition of target market needs. Above all, there is a clear focus on simplicity which Khleifat refers to as the secret to global success and the catalyst to any productive communication.


Alocloud, which has a bluebird and cloud in its logo, runs a group of private accounts for corporations and organizations. The company includes a team of specialists headed by Business Development Manager, Tamara Malkawi who describes her daily job as: “Following up on every new thing in the world of marketing - a world that doesn’t stop changing for a moment, where we have to be ahead of the game on a daily basis in order to protect the extremely sensitive set of standards that have been put in place.”

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