Texas sauce and ... Macron’s cheese

Sultan Alsa’ad Alqahtani

These days, there is a striking phenomenon in Saudi Arabia, which is that no one speaks randomly, but every word has a meaning that appears after a while. As a word, it means a message to those who can understand it, deal with it, and on the basis of which meetings are held, recommendations come out, and analysts suggest that monitoring the Saudi phenomenon means interpreting what it has said, and what it hasn’t said yet.


Those who thought that the talk of the strong Saudi man, its young crown prince, about "Texas sauce" that given to him by the Bush family when he visited them, was just a passing foreplay, have to reconsider themselves. It has been an expectation of the French and European role in maintaining a nuclear deal with Tehran, which the Saudis believe that it will not make the world a safe place in the future.


Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s words were clear before the American withdrawal from the Iranian Nuclear Deal, that Tehran is an "armed organization" in state clothes and cannot be trusted. In case of getting its nuclear bomb, dealing with Iran would be impossible, and this will lead to further destabilization of the region.


And by the time the Europeans do not worry much because they are away from our region tens of thousands of kilometers, the people of the region suffer greatly from Iran's destructive role within their countries. As in more than one Arab country, Tehran-backed cells have been uncovered, aimed at destabilizing that country and creating terrorist enclaves.



Therefore, the Saudi goal was to limit Iran's influence in the region by all means. This is what Saudi Arabia has been doing in the past two years. Iran has been already trapped in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, and the African continent. Also, the kingdom is working to mobilize its international allies to further tighten and to curb Tehran's influence.


Instead of the attempts of international powers to defer Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb and convincing the Allies that this is the best solution, a strong Middle East emir has another point of view: No to the bomb, that is the clear Saudi message: We do not want a nuclear bomb in the first place, so don't talk to us about the mechanisms of its postponement.


The kingdom and many of its allies in the world consider the Iranian activities as a major threat to the future of the region, which holds about one-third of the world's energy needs. And because of the soft policy applied by the Obama administration, Tehran has been transformed from a pariah entity suffering from international sanctions into a cross-border destructive force that has been proved to be involved in many terrorist acts regionally and internationally.


The sauce of Texas, with its republic taste and character, has demonstrated its strong power, as it has wiped out the hateful taste of the nuclear deal from the throats of  America's allies. Also, it has made a new dish that doesn’t contain any Persian saffron or French cheese. That is, it will be a healthy dish for global stability.


However, the wine statements voiced by Macron, cannot convince the people of yellow coffee with soft solutions to hard issues, because their burning bitter coffee makes them more vigilant to reality in front of them and more than the derivatives of French "Bordeaux" can do.

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