Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Kouchner .. an alliance that will change the face of the region and the world

From Washington, Khalid Al taref

It is clear that the alliance between Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the brother-in-law of US President Jared Kouchner will be an influential and leading alliance at the regional and global levels.


The Journal Times reported in this context a report, translated by Riyadh Post, confirming that King Salman and US President Donald Trump had pushed the two young Emirs into important and influential positions, which would have a direct impact on Saudi-American relations and on the future of the Middle East and the world, especially in the light of the great convergence and similarity between Kouchner and Prince Muhammad bin Salman.


The newspaper adds that US President Donald Trump relies heavily on Jared Kouchner to implement the White House policy directions, especially at the external level, where Kouchner met this week with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in an attempt to resume peace talks. In order for this effort to succeed, Trump's son-in-law will need the support of Saudi Arabia under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.


Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Kushner share their meteoric rise, the magnitude of the responsibilities entrusted to them, and the positive momentum they enjoy. Trump, 71, and King Salman, 81, chose to gamble on the spirit of young people to introduce radical reforms internally and at the level of the relationship between The two countries and the future of international relations.


Kouchner, 36, and Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 31, have talked by telephone and ate together for several hours during Trump's visit to Riyadh last May. While in Washington in March, Kouchner shared Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Trump the dinner in the government dining room, where this visit helped in achieving a wide convergence of the two young princes' views.


The distinguished relationship between Kouchner and Prince Muhammad ibn Salman laid the foundation for the first foreign trip of Trump last month, which the US president chose Saudi Arabia as his first station to be the first US president to make his first official visit to an Islamic State.


The report also explains that Kouchner was one of the main negotiators in signing King Salman and Trump a $ 110 billion defense deal, according to US officials.


Kouchner appeared as a senior adviser to Trump in the 2016 presidential race, leading his campaign and drafting a number of his speeches. As he was often the last person that Trump talks to him before making major decisions.


Prince Salman has been appointed by King Salman since he took office in January 2015 as deputy crown prince and a minister of defense. The new crown prince, two months later, took a bold decision to lead a military alliance to restore legitimacy in Yemen. He also oversaw the formulation and implementation of the radical reform plan in the Kingdom (Vision 2030) before being appointed this week as Crown Prince.


In a related context, the report notes that Kushner's growing duties as a White House adviser have made him a gathering point for a range of contacts with countries such as Saudi Arabia, China, and Mexico as he seeks to develop his country's infrastructure and oversee the new US Innovation Office. He also took part this week as a peace broker in the Middle East between Palestinians and Israelis, a goal largely dependent on Saudi support.


The new crown prince's duties include overseeing defense and security, transforming the kingdom's economy to less dependent on oil exports, While analysts expect Kouchner and Prince Mohammed bin Salman to cooperate in developing a tougher strategy on Iran and its expansionist ambitions.



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