2018.. Reinforces Trump and Prince Mohammed bin Salman Alliance

From London, Saad Al-Saad


        2018 is expected to witness a deepening of the Saudi-US alliance in the face of Iranian influence in the region.


       The Guardian confirmed that the year 2018 will witness a greater cooperation between the Trump administration and Saudi Arabia in a number of files, of which the most important are the Iranian and Syrian files.


The report pointed out that hostility to Iran is one of the few constants in Trump's foreign policy, partly based on his desire to destroy Obama's legacy, especially the Iranian nuclear deal in 2015. As Trump refused to ratify the deal in October and threatened to blow it up completely in mid-January. 


This would put Trump on a course of confrontation with Iran, abandoning Washington's traditional allies in Europe, in favor of aligning with Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, who announced their intention to fight Iran's influence in the Gulf area and other Arab countries. 


     Regarding the Syrian case, the report notes that while Russia has begun to reduce its presence there, the United States is expected to be more aggressive in its attempts to contain Tehran's interference in Syria by strengthening its alliance with Saudi Arabia.

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