Justice for Khashoggi ? No no ... just Mohammed bin Salman!

Sultan Alsa’ad Alqahtani

Since the first moments the news started talking about the disappearance of a Saudi journalist at the Kingdom's consulate in Istanbul, it seemed as if there was a systematic media line had no purpose in searching for the lost journalist, but it is only busy with how it can demonize the reformist crown prince in the West, and re-export it negatively, to undermine his credibility, and weaken the Kingdom's role in the world.


And when Saudi Arabia officially revealed the involvement of a number of its intelligence apparatus members in the implementation of this abhorrent crime, and the attempt to conceal it, the campaign continued largely against Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It is no longer the concern only about bringing justice for a human being subjected to a brutal crime, but about trying to find any thread linking one of the perpetrators to the Saudi Crown Prince, no more.


As a journalist, I cannot accept the killing of a man for expressing his opinion or preventing him from expressing it. I see what happened at the Saudi consulate as a heinous crime that no one can defend. It is a repugnant operation carried out by criminal persons, who have nothing to do with morality or even the law. I have said in a statement to the Associated Press agency, quoted by dozens of American newspapers, that what I read about what happened made me feel that it was a "Hollywood movie." And indeed, it was a horror film with poor output and performed by psychiatric patients.


With the issuance of the official investigation into the incident, the removal of the deputy head of intelligence, and the accountability of some 18 people involved in the incident, the matter turned from a "case of disappearance" to a "crime" being investigated according to regulations and laws. Those who want justice for the spirit of the late Mr. Khashoggi will get it, but those who want to kill the Saudi experience, portray the kingdom as a terrorist state, and undermine the Crown Prince's credibility, will certainly fail.


But who are those who are interested in ending the Saudi role and demonizing the crown prince?


First of all, the Qatari cells that hit strongly in the heart by the young prince. First, by Saudi Arabia's decision to boycott Qatar, putting it in its natural position. Second, by completely eliminating the Qatari lobby in the kingdom. And not lastly, by curbing the idea of political Islam that Qatar tries to support and imposes its reactionary agenda on the region. 


Qatar has spent more on its subversive projects beyond its borders than it has on the development of its people and its future. That is why the Doha regime is in a shameful state of exposure. As the men who dream of ruling the Arab world and breaking up its great states, cannot provide milk to a population of only half a million people. The Qatari people, who have been told that their country is a superpower, began to be deeply concerned. This led Al Jazeera, the heavy artillery of Doha, to rush to reassure the internal public opinion, with a live urgent broadcast of the arrival of three thousand red Pregnant cows, for which the channel is famous.


The scene was certainly absurd and surely humiliating.


The second is Iran and its clients in the region and the world. Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has greatly wiped out Tehran's expansionist dreams, both through the launching of Operation Decisive Storm ('Asifat al-Hazm), and through the systematic diplomatic work, especially in Iraq and Lebanon, and the international moving that resulted in Iran being greatly hit by preventing the world from buying its oil, which would prevent it from being able to finance its terrorist projects in the world.


The third is the terrorists, as the Saudi Crown Prince has fought extremism everywhere. He was bold in imposing social reforms, giving women their Islamic rights, preventing the advocates of extremism from controlling religious discourse in the kingdom, and criminalizing racism and hate speech.


I can see three axes of evil in the new world, trying through their cells in the world to distort the image of Saudi Arabia and its crown prince, and also to prevent the Kingdom from achieving its development project, which benefits the region and the world. According to Prince Mohammed bin Salman's vision, the kingdom does not want to isolate itself from the world and only build its economy, but it wants to build huge partnerships with neighboring countries and international companies. "The Middle East can be a new Europe," the crown prince said in front of a huge crowd of investors at the Investment Initiative Conference. Yes, this is the dream of his life.


While countries such as Qatar, Iran, and the extremist organizations are trying to break up neighboring states, Saudi Arabia is looking forward to building partnerships that link neighboring countries. There are huge agreements between Saudi Arabia on the one hand, and countries like Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen, and many more. The Saudi goal is a stable region, a development that brings prosperity to neighboring countries, and the Prevention of the youth of the region as a whole from being attracted to terrorist groups that threaten global peace.


The young Saudi crown prince is trying to build a modern state based on knowledge, technology, aspirations, and the energies of youth that account for about 70 percent of the oil-rich kingdom's population. He dreams of seeing a moderate region, engaged in development more than wars and political machinations.


Although this dream appears at first glance to be a supposed dream for most people in the region, some people want to kill the dream and plunge the region into horrible nightmares.

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