Have we bought America? .. Oh really

Sultan Alsa’ad Alqahtani

Some news makes you laugh when you read it but what makes you laugh more is to know the way of thinking of those who have been dealing with it as a real fact, including the news which alleges that a superpower has been bought in a number of multi-billion deals. Indeed, this is the news that has spread through the newspapers of droppings nationalism in the Arab world and through the information kiosks spread in more than one Arab country.


Throughout modern history, you will not see childishness more than that of the Arab left, its revolutionaries, and the retirees of Arab nationalism. They do not know that the Great Powers are neither sold nor bought. These are just the jokes of the resistance movement, trying to deceive its supporters and justify its political failure in the region as it is due to money and just money.


They do not know that the economy of one of the 50th American states is similar and perhaps surpasses, one of the world's major powers, such as Britain, Canada, South Korea, and other large global economies. The gross domestic product (GDP) of the state of Pennsylvania, for example, is higher than that of the oil-rich kingdom, as in 2017 was more than $ 752 million, surpassing Saudi Arabia by more than $ 50 million, according to the statistics of International Monetary Fund (IMF).


This is one state, what about the rest of the states? It is a superpower made up of several large nations as well.


If we count the number of deals that Saudi Arabia has achieved with America, and the time lag for its entitlement, we will find that their total amount represents only a small percentage of the US economy, and even that the whole budget of Saudi Arabia will not be able to run America for more than eight weeks.


We have to know that these deals are extremely useful for the Saudi economy, especially in fields such as localization of technology and industry, promoting innovation, and paving the way for the future. We are not the only ones looking for making deals with the Great American State. Even large countries such as China have paid billions to get US deals, although these countries are superior in technology, industry, and armaments.


What is the secret to the US-Saudi alliance? It is the power of both parties, the depth of their influence in the region, and the intersection of their interests to a large extent in the world. They have the same desire to fight terrorism, limit Iran's influence, promote global stability, and open the door to global economic movement.


Those who followed Donald Trump's statements during his election campaign can observe the grumbling he has shown towards the rich oil states and the Gulf states that want the protection of American without paying. But only a few weeks after his assumption of the presidency of the world's largest country, Trump's language has changed by more than 180 degrees.


Why this change?

This is a story that is explained by the most brilliant ambassador in the history of the Kingdom, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, who has lived for more than two decades while he was an ambassador to his country in America. His famous saying is that the candidate usually speaks negatively about the kingdom before entering the White House. But when he begins his presidential duties and studies the papers and maps, he immediately understands why Saudi Arabia is important for American national security and for world peace.


When Trump visited the kingdom, he saw obviously what this Middle Eastern country could do. It mobilized more than fifty countries for meeting him, who attended with high presidential representation, because the inviter was the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is difficult to imagine that another country can do the same thing.


Saudi Arabia is important to America as America is to Saudi Arabia. There are many countries in the world that are ready to do more than the deals Riyadh has signed with Washington, and they actually have done so. There are some countries that have pledged their sovereignty, their destiny, and their ability to the American administration, but they have failed to play a role in the region that qualifies them to stay in the annals of history. 


Men and spears are the ones who make glory, not metal pieces. Some countries are nothing but metal pieces and small space on a large map, while some other countries are a map in themselves.

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