Get America out of the world!.. Whaaat?!

Sultan Alsa’ad Alqahtani

The position of the United States as a semi-unique superpower in the world may not be approved by some of the people of the Arab East (Mashreq), and in a moment of anger, they wished that world supremacy would go eastward, to China or Russia, believing that the machine of American power, soft and hard, has gone too far in the political bias of Israel, or it is the embodiment of the force that is difficult to compete with.


Perhaps this is true, as the continued US bias toward Israel has been one of the reasons for obstructing the peace process in the region, as well as increasing Israeli arrogance in dealing with the political solution to the Palestinian issue, leading to the growing sense of resentment within the Arab youth, and the anger from this unlimited American support.


However, this does not convey to us the full picture of the American idea itself, nor can it be judged fairly by looking at only one side.


Personally, I see that the world owes the American idea itself, which has been steadfast and resilient in the face of changes and the movement of history for more than a century. The idea of a state based on freedom, the rights of individuals, free-market values, and the availability of fair competition. It is a country that does not care about your past but is busy shaping your future or at least make the reasons for success available to you without complication. Free Press, individual sacred privacy rights, free research, production, and discovery without restrictions.


You cannot describe America as anything other than the lever of dreams in the world, and the living proof that this model, on which it is based, is the best model of the idea of the state itself. A country that is so vital to the extent that made Meg Greenfield says in her famous book “Washington”: “Aspects of life in Washington will not be that social structure of a high school that is slow or that has stopped developing abnormally."


I spent the last two months on an intellectual and research journey through several books and online courses about the American world, one of these courses was organized by Harvard University and supervised by the famous professor at the Kennedy School Tom Patterson. It was a journey around establishing a great democracy and intellectual civilization that dominated the universe a century ago, and still. Mr. Paterson's view while he virtually toured us between the walls of the White House, in front of the white marble columns of the Supreme Court, and at the area of the Congress, was stimulating and interesting as you were contemplating a civilization that still covers the earth with the light of its sciences and its cognitive conquests.


Development, freedom, and individual rights were the weapons that made America a superpower. Robert McNamara, former US Secretary of Defense, believed that comprehensive development is the most important step in strengthening the national security of any country. Arms are only part of security, not all security. Also, weapons, whatever their size and strength, do not prevent revolutions resulting from mismanagement of their resources.


America's march and its development are impressive, especially when you read how it was just a geographical area on the bank of the world, surrounded by the great blue ocean, and then turned into a promise to all dreamers in the world, and the habitat to achieve dreams without restrictions.

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