? But Who are they

Sultan Alsa’ad Alqhtani


They are trying to assassinate Saudi Arabia and its Crown Prince's image in the world view, But Who are they?  


Firstly, the Qatari groups which were already killed by the young prince, by Saudi Arabia’s decision to boycott Qatar and place it again in its natural place, in addition to eliminating the Qatari lobby in the Kingdom.


And by curbing the idea of political Islam, which Qatar is trying to support, and impose in the region by its agenda.

Qatar spent money on its sabotage projects outside its borders, more than it spent on developing its people and ensuring their future. This is what made the Doha regime in a shameful state of exposure. Those dreamers of ruling the Arab world, and destroying its major powers, cannot guarantee providing milk to a people of no more than half a million.


The concern reached its highest levels inside the “great superpower” Qatar. So that, Al-Jazeera channel, the heavy artillery of Doha, wanted to reassure the internal public opinion, by broadcasting the arrival of three thousand cows, with the "urgent" red label on the screen, which the channel is famous for.

No doubt about it, The scene was absurd and humiliating!


In the second place, there comes Iran, and its followers in the region and the world. Prince Muhammad bin Salman has largely eliminated Tehran's expansionist dreams, both by launching Operation "Al hazem storm", as well as systematic diplomatic action, especially in Iraq and Lebanon, and pushing the international move that resulted in Iran's death, by preventing the world from buying its oil, which made it hard on Iran to finance its terrorist projects in the world.


In the third place, the terrorists. The Saudi crown prince has fought extremism everywhere. He was bold in imposing social adjustments, giving women their true Islamic rights, and preventing advocates of extremism from controlling religious discourse in the kingdom, and criminalizing racist and hate speech.


I see three axes of evil in the new world, trying, through their groups and followers, to assassinate the image of Saudi Arabia and its crown prince, and to prevent the Kingdom from achieving its development project that benefits the region and the world.


According to the vision of Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the Kingdom does not want to isolate itself from the world and build its economy, but to build huge partnerships with neighbouring countries and international companies.


"The Middle East could be the new Europe" the crown prince said that in front of large crowd of investors at the "Investment Initiative Conference". Yes, this is his dream.


While countries such as Qatar, Iran, and extremist organizations are trying to break up countries that border them, Saudi Arabia is considering partnerships that link neighbouring countries to each other. 


There are huge agreements between Saudi Arabia on the one hand, and countries like Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, the Emirates, Kuwait, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen, and many many others on the second hand.


The Saudi goal is to establish a stable region, a development that brings prosperity to neighbouring countries, preventing the youth of the region as a whole from being drawn to terrorist groups, and threatening world peace.


The young Saudi crown prince is trying to build a modern country based on knowledge, technology, and youth energies that represent about 70% of this oil-rich kingdom population.


He dreams of seeing a moderate region that is preoccupied with development, more than wars and political intrigues.

Although this dream appears a supposed dream for most peoples of the region, but still, some want to assassinate the dream, and plunging the region into disturbing nightmares.

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