SaudiArabia began to open up to the world slowly but steadily

From Paris - Fadwa El shaibani

The year 2017 ended its days which brought about radical changes and turns in Saudi Arabia, which are expected to be strengthened in the coming years, with Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman insisting on building a modern, moderate and open Saudi Arabia.



The French newspaper l'expression cited a report translated by the RiyadhPost newspaper in which it confirmed that Saudi Arabia began to open up to the world slowly but steadily thanks to the vision and reforms of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.



The report points out that the controversy of halal and haram ended in Saudi Arabia, when talking about music and cinemas.



The report adds that the credit for the change in the Kingdom today is due to the young crown prince, who began to translate his vision of modernity on the ground in Saudi Arabia, where he "intends to lead his reformist revolution to the end. In parallel with the war that he declared against corruption, the young crown prince was the push that led Saudi women to lead, enter stadiums and even attend concerts."



"There are Saudi female boxers and there will soon be football players," the paper adds. "Saudi Arabia is opening its doors to the world, slowly but surely."


Entertainment was a major part of the Crown Prince's vision. Saudi Arabia men and women attended dozens of concerts with the most famous singers in the world. After Hiba Tawaji sang December 6 as the first female artist to perform a party in the Kingdom, And the Algerian star Al shab Khaled and the American star Nelly performed concerts that will remain immortal in the memory of the Saudis.


It does not seem to stop there, the General Authority for Entertainment has announced its new tasks, including support for the Saudi and foreign private sector, which wants to invest in recreational industries. The Authority confirms that more than 300 activities are already on its agenda in this winter, including the animated film "Ice Age".



The year 2017 did not end with new achievements and gains for Saudis, until the Kingdom announced the opening of theaters in 2018, after a ban for more than 35 years.



The report says that these measures and reforms will support the development of Saudi tourism to which the Crown Prince attaches great importance in his plan to diversify the economy. "A system of issuing tourist visas has been set up and will be launched soon," the report said.



The issuance of tourist visas is part of the “2030 Vision” program launched by the Crown Prince to diversify the economy and reduce its dependence on oil. The Crown Prince unveiled a huge tourism project to transform 50 Red Sea islands into luxury resorts that will generate 35,000 job opportunities.



Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman did not stop here, he declared the war against extremism, to restore moderate Islam to Saudi Arabia by reviewing the strict interpretation of the Koran and Hadith, and limiting the authority of conservative religious circles.

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