‏Yana Toma … ‏a beautiful British voice


Yana Toma is an artist who refuses to be pinned down – in music, in lyrics and in life. “I don’t ever want to exist in just one category,” the fast-rising Londoner says of her steamy, shape-shifting sound, full of unshakable pop hooks, hypnotising rhythms and rhymes about empowerment, independence and relationships where men who don’t show respect are shown the door. “I listen to everything from trap to jazz to soul.

Your style becomes everything you listen to, old and new,” she smiles. “So I wouldn’t say I’m one sound or feel. Whatever I feel like making – that’s what I make.” Keep your eyes peeled for this fast rising star. Showcasing the star’s flawless vocal talents and irrepressible love for the dancefloor, her tracks are defiant, emotive anthems that seem destined to put her name on the UK music map.


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