Nawaz Sharif is planning to return to Saudi Arabia ...While his brother is the presidential candidate to lead Pakistan!

From Dubai, Saif Al Abdullah

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif plans to return to Saudi Arabia amid corruption accusations and scandals that he is facing in Pakistan. 


The First Post newspaper reported in this context a report translated by the Riyadh Post, in which it confirmed that Nawaz Sharif plans to return to Saudi Arabia, that has been supporting him, his family and Pakistan as well during all crises.


Noteworthy, Saudi Arabia has advised Nawaz Sharif years ago to stay away from political life, and not to return to Pakistan, but the stubbornness of the former Pakistani prime minister put him in great trouble.


Nawaz Sharif and his brother, the prime minister of Punjab province, Shahbaz Sharif, have visited Saudi Arabia recently and met Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.


 Several reports indicate that the purpose of that meeting was to oust Nawaz Sharif from the Muslim League party and to relinquish his position for his brother in order to ensure stability in the ruling party and Pakistan as well, which is considered one of Saudi Arabia's most important allies in the region.

On November 8th, 2017, a Pakistani court charged Nawaz with three separate cases of racketing, disclosed by the Panama leaks.

 In addition to Nawaz, his daughter Mariam and her husband Mohammed Safdar were also indicted.


According to informed sources, the conviction of Nawaz Sharif may make him face life imprisonment. 

According to the CNN, the Pakistani army, which is the country's most powerful body, supports Shahbaz Sharif, the brother of former Pakistani President, where if the Muslim League party wins the 2018 parliamentary elections, the army is going to support Shahbaz as prime minister.



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