Joaan bin Hamad …The son is his father's spy

From London, Ali Al Hassan

A report published by "The Riyadh Post" revealed that The former emir of Qatar, Hamad Al-Thani, has adopted a strategy to try to penetrate the new generation of princes of the ruling families in the Gulf states through the assignment of his son Jouan bin Hamad, who travels a lot, this mission, in which he has been active over the past years.


This strategy requires the presence of all the activities that are being attended by young people in the ruling families, especially the foreign ones, whether in the international horse race, camels festivals, car races, and European sports competitions so that he can open the gates of communication with them through these prepared coincidences.


An international observer noted that "What Jouan hears, mujtahidd writes" in reference to the tweeter account, known for developing simple information into inflated scenarios aimed at attacking the kingdom and its allies, and has been directly linked to national security agencies for years, in cooperation with the Saudi opposition in London and elsewhere.


Sheikh Jouan, the personal representative of the current emir of Qatar, is known for his love of Richard Mille watches, which are at least $ 1 million, a simple fraction of his gifts worth millions of dollars for those who serve the country's direction to destabilize neighboring countries.


According to observers, closely following the Qatari scene for decades,  Sheikh Jouan is more inclined to his father's strategy aimed at controlling the region in any way, contrary to the current Emir of Qatar, who was trying to promote the idea of being Qatar as an economic power in the world, without any political interference in the affairs of States.


According to information received by "Riyadh Post" The 30-year-old Sheikh plays the crown prince in Qatar on direct orders from the former Emir, who still has a word and a final say in Qatari affairs since his fictitious resignation years ago, and sometimes even plays roles beyond the current Emir's orders.


Joan is the beloved son of his father but Observers recognized him as "the looming shadow of Tamim" where his father considers him as his successor and an acceptable person to take over the emirate of Qatar if a new change is needed.




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